Founding Partner

John R. Childress

John R. Childress, Principia Founding Partner

“What’s important to me, and all the team at The Principia Group, is that we fully engage with and support our clients in not only improving performance, but in improving themselves and the lives of their employees as well.”

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FASTBREAK: The CEO’s Guide to Strategy Execution

A unique synthesis of how-to, philosophy, principles of effective leadership, and casestudy examples to help the CEO and business leader improve their organization’s ability to deliver on their strategy and business promises.

FASTBREAK is filled with breakthrough thinking that is practical and applicable in any industry and any organization, private or public.

“Straight talk, common sense, great examples. This is clearly a book for the CEO and business leader. As Childress states, “strategy is a contact sport”, and from my experience successful strategy execution requires consistent dedication to detail, communication and a willingness to modify as conditions warrant. You will find it all in this highly useful book.”
Robert Dangremond, Alix Partners

“John Childress and The Principia Group display a real commitment to developing valueadd partnerships with their clients. I have been a client of John Childress and his teams for over 20 years as we faced numerous business challenges through periods of low and high growth. This book is the best synthesis on strategy execution I have read. It gives the CEO a sure-fire process to effectively engage the executive team in executing the strategic intent; including principles, templates, examples, and most importantly, tips to avoid costly mistakes. ”
Frank Tempesta, former President and CEO, Textron Systems Corp

“While a turnaround is one of the most challenging and stressful of business situations, it is also one of the most rewarding to see good people take control of their business again and create a sustainable future. The principles described in FASTBREAK: The CEO’s Guide to Strategy Execution are solid and sound, as is the advice, processes and templates. A complete synthesis for the CEO.
Joe Bione, President, The Whitehall Group